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Magic Flight Lunch Box vs Pax

Which is Better : MFLB or Pax ?

Magic Flight Lunch Box vs Pax

The two most popular portable vaporizers that stay on the top of smoker’s list, are Pax and Magic Flight Launch Box (“MFLB”). They both are great portable vaporizers with their own unique design. The Pax vaporizer device, looks like a chic, elongated, sexy cigarette lighter or iPOD and the MFLB is made of wood and is very interesting to hold and to look at.


The Pax vaporizer, is very easy to use, from packing its chamber, changing the temperature setting, charging it, taking in draws, and its long term warranty. With Pax, smokers can quickly and easily turn this device on and off, which makes it a portable vaping delight. The unique heating part of the Pax vaporizer is available in 3 settings: low: 370° F / 188° C; medium: 390° F / 193° C; and high: 410° F / 210° C. The Pax vaporizer is available in five jewel-toned hues and finishes. This handheld vaporizer takes about 30 seconds to heat up, and you know it is ready because the front indicator light turns green. It generally uses as little as 0.2g of your quality grade herbal material, amounting to around 10 excellent draws. Pax users have stated that they can pack the Pax with up to 0.4g, resulting in around 20 draws. The Pax battery use is good for an hour when fully charged and Pax also identifies how much of a charge you have left.


The MFLB appears to be just a simple, even handmade wooden vaping device, that is available in maple wood, cherry wood, and walnut. It looks like an old fashion, beautifully whittled box, that contains a trench or herb chamber, a draw hole, an air inhale hole, and a port for a battery. Its inner design consists of a stainless steel mesh screen, that connects two metal rods, which connect to the AA rechargeable battery, when you press the MFLB to heat up the trench chamber.


MFLB also comes with an acrylic lid that covers the herb chamber, as well as an acrylic mouthpiece that you insert into the draw hole, located on the front. As a kit, the MFLB includes extra batteries, a charging dock, rubber caps for the battery ends, and a strong, quality-made cleaning brush. The MFLB works in amounts as low as 0.1g, but you can control and customize your own vaping experience, to get at least 5 to 8 draws.


When it comes down to MFLB vs. Pax vapor quality, both of these unique vaporizers provide great tasting vape. The biggest difference between these world famous top vapes, are their price tags. They both use dry herbs to create their vapor experience. The Magic Flight Box burns your herbal material occasionally with a distinguishable scent, while the Pax acts like a table top vaporizer, gives smokers a thick, nice vapor hit all the time.



Corn Maze sign

Corn Maze sign

As the stalks of corn begin to grow, so does the anticipation of the corn maze. Nothing is more exciting than walking through the corn maze on a brisk autumn day. It’s not just the excitement of the maze itself, it is also the entertainment and atmosphere that surrounds the corn maze. Food, family, and fun are the orders of the day. A day in the corn maze is an inexpensive and unforgettable experience that will keep your family coming back for years to come.


The corn maze is the centerpiece of the experience. For months the corn has grown to enormous heights. Then they create the magic of the maze. Acres upon acres of twist and turns will have you lost in more than just the fun. It is fun for the whole family; running through the maze trying to find the way out. When you find the exit, you then enter into the rest of the fun.


Food is just another part of the experience of the corn maze. Running through the cornfields, searchig for the exit is sure to work up an appetite and lucky for you, there is plenty of food to choose from. For those of you with a sweet tooth there is the delicious aroma of the funnel cake. Deep fried to golden brown perfection and then topped with a generous coating of powdered sugar, it is the perfect treat. If you are willing to try something a little more daring, you can also try many deep fried sugary favorites like: Oreo cookies, Snickers, and others. All that running is sure to give you quite a thirst as well. You can quench that thirst with a tall glass of homemade lemonade. And of course, what would a corn maze be without corn. Corn on the cob served fresh from a grill seasoned with butter and pepper is the perfect reward for surviving the corn maze.


Since corn mazes are found on the farm, why not give yourself the full farm experience. You can be a real cowboy or cowgirl and ride a horse. Pony rides are relaxing after using those legs running through the maze. After riding the ponies, you can make your way to the petting zoo. There you will find a wide array of farm animals just waiting for you to pet them. In this petting zoo it is ok to feed the animals. In fact, we encourage it. These animals will be eating right from your hand.



Throughout the day you can also be entertained by the soundtrack that fills the air. There is no better way to enjoy the corn maze than the sound of music echoing with the laughter of your family. It doesn’t matter if the music is coming from a live band or from a DJ spinning the tunes; it is the perfect combination. Believe it or not, it’s a good place to find your wedding DJ too (if you’re searching). DJs can play a wide variety of music that you and the family will enjoy as you partake in the days’ events. You can also sing along with the band as they play some good down home music.


One other event that may top off your day at the corn maze is a contest of some kind. You may have to prepare your favorite corn dish or a favorite dessert. People from all over the area will converge with their dishes in hand while eager townspeople await the chance to judge the delicious combinations and crown a winner.

At the end of the day, nothing beats the excitement you will encounter at a corn maze. So this autumn make plans for a day of fun and excitement with your family. Come get lost in the maze, but make sure you find your way out in time for the rest of the excitement.


How to Smoke Cannabis and Still Pass Drug Tests

Cannabis is an illegal drug in a majority of states and its use is therefore unacceptable. In this, several situations will lead to carrying out of drug tests and specifically that of cannabis. These drug tests may be required at some work places, as a request from your guardian, and some schools request for a drug test. Many are not willing to lose these opportunities because of smoking cannabis. No one wants to miss on the job opening or not gain an entry into your favorite school. The following are ways on how to smoke cannabis and still pass a drug test.

Consumption of a lot of water and large quantities of Vitamin B
THC, which is a component in cannabis, is not soluble in water but many of the other components are. By drinking a lot of water, you will be able to dilute the concentration of the substances. However, this will dilute them but it becomes a sell out because your urine becomes clear and is discolored. Every lab technician will suspect the discolored urine. To counter this, you need to consume high levels of vitamin B.

Consumption of vitamin B a number of days before the test is done will help camouflage your smoking habit. Vitamin B serves as part of the detox ingredients as well as with creatine to help drug users detoxify their system.

Have a doctor indicate they are for medical purposes
This will show that your result is positive but you will have good reason to have it around you and keep smoking. However, many individuals who have a permit to use this drug medically come with chronic illnesses and though you will get off with a drug test, you may negatively affect the chances of obtaining the vacancy you had in mind. You can weigh your options.


Cheat and replace your urine specimen
This sounds like promoting doing wrong but it will definitely get you off your drug test. However, the trick is not simply making a switch but making a switch for urine sample from someone who does not smoke weed (cannabis). It is however important that you are able to store the urine sample adequately so it can retain the warm temperature.

With the advancement in technology, the creation of synthetic urine will come in handy. You can purchase this synthetic urine and submit it in place of your own. You can be sure that it does not contain any traces of marijuana. (Reference: random student drug testing)

Use of cleansing programs for detoxification
Using cleansing programs for detoxification is probably the safest and most reliable method on how to pass a drug test for persons who smoke marijuana. Some cleansing products that have gained popularity in the market include Premium Detox 7 Day Comprehensive Cleansing Program, Fast HTC Marijuana Detox Kit for people over 200 lbs, and 2 Step THC/Marijuana Detox Program for Persons over 200 lbs.  The reason they are ideal is because of:
– Their reliability because the programs are designed by experts in fields such as biochemistry and physiology.
– They come with a guarantee that is relatively high (99.9%). Your result will turn out negative with this great chance.
– Many come with a money-back guarantee proving that they are reliable and meet your standards.
– All products are safe as well as efficient.drug-control-top

Tips on how to smoke cannabis and pass a drug test

– All recommended remedies are to be started days before the actual drug test.
– You have the option to stop smoking to beat all future drug tests.
– You need to retain your confidence to prevent raising suspicion even before the actual test.

Origins of the Corn Maze


Human fascination with mazes dates back literally thousands of years to the Labyrinth of King Minos. Over the course of time, our relationship with the maze has changed. Originally, the labyrinth was seen as a final punishment. A place where people were sent to die (according to legend, King Minos kept his Minotaur in the labyrinth, and he was none too fond of visitors). Likewise, the Egyptian Pharos of old would construct mazes filled with deadly traps in the bowels of their pyramids to foil would be intruders. No, safe to say that in our original envisioning of them, mazes were designed to be one way affairs. Once you were in one, there was generally no getting out.

Thousands of years later, mazes were still with us, though they had changed with the times. Instead of being sinister things built to punish, they became toys. Amusements for the wealthy.

England in particular, developed a long love affair with the maze, which endures to this day, and there are literally hundreds of hedge row mazes all over England that were originally built for the enjoyment of Lords and Ladies of the Realm, who would spend their days wandering through them, delighting in various hidden discoveries (fountains, statuary, and the like) that were tucked into obscure corners of the design.

This then, is where the modern corn maze hails from, though they themselves are a relatively new phenomenon designed to generate tourism dollars to help farmers that might otherwise be struggling. In fact, the first known modern corn maze, aptly named The Amazing Maize Maze, was built by a man named Don Frantz in 1993 from a design by another man named Adrian Fisher, an Englishman who is widely regarded as the father of the modern maze. Be amazed by e-cigarette designs and offers, check this out Electronic Cigarette Brands.

The Amazing Maize Maze was a colossal hit with the public, and on the basis of its success, corn mazes quickly spread across the US and Europe. Today, there are literally hundreds planned and built each year, providing good wholesome entertainment for the family and a carnival atmosphere for all attendees.

Does the coming of Jack Frost really keep farmers at bay?


The winter months aren’t often thought of as a time for rest and a light work schedule for most of the general population, but there is one group of individuals who look forward to the winter for just that: farmers. Most people are aware how busy farmers are sowing seeds in spring, tending to crops in summer, and harvesting those crops in autumn… but what about winter? There’s no question that the life of a farmer is much different from a typical 9-5 worker. For a farmer, a work schedule in the summer can consist of 12-14 hour work days, six days a week. No doubt they would appreciate a break whenever they can get it. Luckily for them, it’s almost guaranteed in winter. Obviously there cannot be any crop growing or tending in the winter, so farmers must use their time productively elsewhere. Cold winter months give them time to catch up on their records and do book keeping. Oftentimes farmers will collect data in the field while their crops are growing and won’t get a chance to evaluate it until winter. What sort of data are they collecting? They’re gathering information on crop yields and crop timing as well as evaluating their success of weed and insect control. It is also best to smoke during winter.

By sitting down and going over their victories and failures, farmers can create a game plan for the next year’s crops, seeing what they can do better and how they can produce an even better crop. Less time in the field also gives farmers a chance to make necessary repairs for their equipment, barns, and homes. Another little known fact is that farming meetings and conferences take place during the winter. This is a chance for farmers to share their successful techniques with each other and an opportunity for the public to interact with farmers, asking questions to better understand how food gets from the farm to the table. For some farmers or ranchers, the winter doesn’t bring as much of a break as one would think.

Livestock such as cows, chicken, lambs, and pigs need attention year-round. Not much changes in their daily routine, except fewer hours out in a field. So now you know. Though there are generally less hours in a work day during the winter, farmers are still going strong all year making sure that everything on their farm will keep running smoothly year after year, resulting in more food on your table.

Why Winter is the Perfect Time to Quit Smoking

670px-Quit-Smoking-Cold-Turkey-Step-06Electronic cigarettes or e-cigs as they are commonly referred to as are the best way to smoke. The benefits of e-cigs are numerous as compared to the conventional cigarettes. Have you ever heard of smokeless smoking? As paradoxical as that is, e-cigarettes bring reality to it. These flavored cigarettes are completely smokeless. How lovely is that? They however produce a smoke-like vapor which serves to entertain those people who are particularly wowed by the smoke.

During winter it is quite hard to smoke especially using the conventional cigarettes. Smoking is a rather private affair, you have to excuse yourself and for most people this means going outside. Honestly, who wants to go outside to temperatures well below freezing point in the name of smoking? The e-cigs come in very handy. The fact that they are smokeless is particularly convenient as it means that you can smoke in just about any room of the house. The taste of tobacco is there but the smell is lacking. The e-cigs definitely save you the trouble of freezing as you smoke. If you’re interested in purchasing an electronic cigarette, check out this guy Josh’s website , he reviews all the e-cigarette brands and helps you find the right one for you.

Have you been trying to quit smoking? It is a tough process, isn’t it? Well, e-cigs make it a little easier for you. The problem is that winter cold does not care whether you want to stop smoking or not. So you are bound to smoke more to keep the cold away during winter. Now, this definitely does not help your endeavor to quit smoking. This is why you will find e-cigs most expedient during winter. You get to measure that amount of nicotine (the addictive substance in cigarettes) when you use the e-cigs. With the conventional cigarettes, you are the mercy of the tobacco company.

Finally, winter is the best time to buy e-cigs because this way you save money. During winter, people tend to smoke more- the low temperatures’ fault again. This definitely means that people spend more on their cigarettes. Shockingly, you can spend the same amount on cigarettes throughout the year thanks to e-cigs. They are more affordable. You simply buy the cartridge that works for your needs and it can serve you for very long.

But this does not mean that you cannot buy e-cigs during the other seasons of the year. No, you are free to buy them throughout the year but in wintertime they come in more handy than normal cigarettes. They are cheap, smokeless and they enable you to stick to your quit smoking’ routine. Most of all they enable you to keep those smoke-related diseases like lung cancer away due to their lack of smoke.


Why Fall is a Good Time to Quit Smoking

So many people in the world who are addicted to smoking sub-consciously know that somehow, sometime, somewhere; eventually they will lead to that road of redemption-quitting smoking. However, the thought of quitting smoking to some people freaks them out due to the myths that surround the tobacco smoking cessation process; let alone the withdrawal symptoms. They are left to wonder why fall is a good time to think about quitting smoking. Well, quitting smoking occurs when a person is willing and able to stop and discontinue the tobacco smoking process. That’s where the road to redemption lies. Health physicians have provided the following information as to why fall is a good time to think about quitting smoking.

Fall is a good time to think about quitting smoking because medics around the world have done a research on people who are heavily addicted to smoking and have observed that the addiction levels to smoking in them normally causes premature aging amongst them. Tobacco smoking causes the skin to change, looking like an old leathery skin together with its associated deep wrinkling effect to the skin. Smoking causes biochemical changes to occur in the body, hence leading to an increased pace in the normal aging process of human beings. Nobody wants to look old at such a young age so fall is a good time to think about quitting smoking.

Moreover, smoking leads to an increased rate of new infections to the body. It makes a person to be quite susceptible to diseases like the common colds and the common flu’s. The health experts have explained this concept in this way: the respiratory tract of a human being is lined up with tiny hairs known as the Cilia. The Cilia helps in the protection of the respiratory tract from new infections by trapping the viruses and the bacteria that causes harm to the respiratory system. Cilia push them out so that the pathogens are coughed out. However, smoking paralyzes the Cilia, stopping them in action of their defensive mechanism to the body; leaving the smoker fully exposed to the pathogens that bring along ailments to the body hence fall is a good time to think about quitting smoking. Another good option is electronic cigarettes, you should visit this site, called Best Electronic Cigarette Blog, to find out which e-cigarettes are best for quitting smoking.

Additionally, smoking causes impotency among the smokers. The health medics have explained that when a person smokes, the smoke affects the dilation of the blood vessels, especially among men, making them not to sustain an erection. Moreover, it leads to a general loss in libido among women or rather; they would give birth to premature emaciated babies. Nobody wants to be in a relationship where a partner is not able to meet your body sexual appetites and the satisfaction involved in the process. To avoid impotency, fall is just a good time to think about quitting smoking.

Corn Maze Origins

Corn Maze Origins

Where did the idea for a corn maze originate? The American Maze Company staked their claim to the modern corn maze in creating the first public puzzle in a Pennsylvania cornfield in 1993. Produced to provide fun, the fun of getting lost along a twisting winding path with a view limited to immediately ahead and behind, that first recorded corn maze modernized a centuries-old form of landscaped entertainment – the garden mazes of 17th century Europe. And since the word maize creates a glorious pun it strengthens the notion that there’s no better vegetation from which to originate a maze.
All mazes can trace their roots to the classical labyrinth of Greek mythology. That labyrinth was in fact little more than a single spiral passage that retraced its own inward path back from the center to the outside. It simplicity made it no less challenging for it housed the Minotaur, half man and half bull, to whom young men and maidens were sacrificed!
Branched mazes, complete with dead ends, were created throughout the centuries as floor decoration or as simple walking paths of brick or tile as if a giant mosaic. They presented a greater challenge than a labyrinth design and the puzzle was in navigating through the maze, usually to its center and out again. The clear sight-line did and does not detract from the challenge, for without a full overhead view the successful path is often surprisingly difficult to discern. Printed mazes, solved by tracing with pencil, when of sufficient complexity are still no easier to navigate – even when the entirety of the paths can be seen at one time!
But to fully challenge the prospective solver, and to heighten the joy of success, the maze needs the third dimension – dividing walls. These serve not only to simply obstruct adjacent paths from view but also to fully disorient the explorer as the path twists and turns. It was about 1690 that a multicursal (many paths) hedge maze came to Hampton Court Palace (not far from Wimbledon, London), the then residence of King William III. That maze survives today as a major tourist attraction at the Palace.
It is the element of height that truly creates the sense of being lost; the center of the maze and its exits remaining hidden until found – be it by careful study, memory, intuition or sheer luck. Simply running through a plain old cornfield, stalks reaching above ones head, generates the very same sensation, and generations of country folk as children have delighted in games of hide-and-go-seek in corn fields. Cary Grant used the hiding power of the tall corn stalks to hide from an ominous stalking crop-sprayer biplane in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1959 classic comic thriller, North by Northwest.
No doubt harvesting corn by scythe and sickle created the first intentional paths through a cornfield, but it wasn’t until the 1990’s that cornfields were intentionally prepared, planted and carved, to be a seasonal form of rural entertainment. Fast growing, the maize plant offers the maze designer the unparalleled opportunity of magnitude – and of a fresh and usually incredible design every year.
While beautifully complex but geometric mazes were being designed in the 17th century using simple grids drawn on paper, today’s extensive, artful and dramatic corn mazes can take their inspiration and graphical extravagance from modern themes made possible by computer design and global positioning systems (GPS).
The idea that a tortuous passage could be so constructed to contain a ravenous man-beast monster has thankfully evolved a long way since ancient Greece, from something frightful to fanciful and fun.

How to find you way out of a corn maze

Tips for Finding Your Way out of a Corn Maze

It is almost October and withe the coming of Halloween comes a great Halloween tradition. Corn mazes are a great fall tradition that everyone enjoys. They are often part of a farm setting and or a commercial pumpkin patch, Corn mazes can be something that is interesting and enjoyable. The thing about corn mazes is that some can be huge taking up acres and acres. Some people in a corn maze have event resulted in calling for help on their cellphone for a way out of a corn maze. That being said, are there are tips for getting out of a corn maze that anyone can follow. There are several ways to get out of corn maze, so read some of the following before you hit the panic button, or waste an extraordinary amount of time in the maze itself. Use what you can to get out of the maze and take your time to getting the maze itself.
Tips for Finding Your Way out of a Corn Maze.
The great thing about corn mazes is that the large ones usually have maps that go along with them. Sometimes the maps are even detailed enough to tell you short routes to get out of the corn maze as well as longer routes you can take to get out of maze confusion. It is up to you as to which routes to take out of the maze. This is indeed fortunate for those who have a map. This is something you can refer too when you are feeling lost and trapped in the maze. The map a will also give you a general idea how long it will take to get out of the maze and will give you some helpful tips in case you get turned around somewhere in the 7 to 8 foot stalks. They are really impossible for people to see over.
Another tip for finding your way out of a corn maze is to follow the wall of corn. Make sure you take advantages of any markers you see in the corn. This will help you to make sure that you are not repeating your steps. There may also be place markers within the maze you can take advantage of to notice your place. You can also double check the locations with the map to make sure you are in the right place.touch the walls in various location to keep your bearings while you are traveling around.
Maybe the most important thing to know about navigating your way around the corn maze is to take into consideration the fact that you should be making either left or right turns only, take them until you get to a dead end. All of these turns will eventually lead back to a circle that will lead to the entrance. This is a way to navigate the maze and something that the “pros” do. The handy thing about having the map available is that you can refer to it if you find yourself uncertain or lost in the maze. Use these tips to help with maze navigation.

What to know about Corn Maze.

What To Know About The Popularity Of Corn Mazes

Several stylish, well-made and thoroughly landscaped corn mazes have come up in agricultural areas all over the globe in the recent past. The fame of mazes is easy to realize since most of them are packed with wandering inhabitants in just a few months of the year. Even though they differ uncontrollably in difficulty, design and size, corn mazes are getting traction for many varied reasons.

These mazes are preferred by families’ small and big, as they permit them to recreate in the rewards of nature for many hours for a small fraction of the price of doing so at a carnival or theme park. Piloting a course through corn mazes takes a combination of memory, reasoning and instinct and is rarely completed in less than a few hours. Basically, it is a physical brainteaser which keeps both old and young minds active and extends out muscles while simultaneously burning up calories. Most major cities have them situated within 100 miles making the event an excellent daily excursion.

To arrive at the finish line, many people always need to work together and merge their information. Therefore, visiting one can be of great benefits for a high school group, a league team and feuding siblings. In different ways, they are among the most economical ways of getting the most out of day.

Conservative wisdom asserts that farmers should not kill off their crops or plow them unless it is totally necessary. However, most of them have realized that carving mazes into huge acreage of corns is a better way to generating attention and traffic for their farms which can frequently be translated into gains that make the ventures useful. With the advancement of the corn mazes making business, many ideas and techniques which enable farmers to optimize profits and minimize labor have been introduced.

Around ten years ago, they began to double as advertisements, featuring designs that integrated name brands, logos and upcoming activities. In a quest to meet the necessary needs of customers and designers, the industry came up with ways of clearing corn and smoothing the ground that are actually new. Miles of pathways can be cut into a field over the course of just a few days, and the whole maze is regularly prepped after a period of one week. In the US for instance, NASCAR recently launched a maze corn design in field in Napa, California which brought a great deal of awareness to the sport.

It is obvious that sponsors generate a lump sum amount of cash for the farm, as does the foot traffic developed by the maze. All the farms having mazes also feature regions where they sell other products like vegetables, fruits and souvenirs. Given that numerous corn maze visitors have very affirmative experience and tell others about it, the word of mouth rapidly spreads. This creates a condition where most of them are responsible for making a large portion of annual profits from the farm. Conversely, it is a business that can run for only a few months of the year.